BIOSMART milk solutions company is an official and exclusive distributor of Elest – R&D in Europe that began its activities as a laboratory, which was a part of the Federal Scientific Research Institute of Antibiotics and Enzymes. We present a unique combination of R&D inventions, the latest technologies, a high-performance team, and European approach. We offer state of the art innovative solutions for domestic animals and farming appropriate even in times of crisis.

BIOSMART milk solutions works in sphere of new technologies in livestock, collaborating directly with R&Ds, Universities, and Research Institutes which hold world-class patents and publications in prestigious scientific journals.

Nowadays, BIOSMART milk solutions implements unique R&D innovations combining it with European Approach and breakthrough technologies, which makes the product novel and outstanding, with no competitors.

The research department is staffed by high-qualified specialists, including doctors and Ph.D. in the field of biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, chemical synthesis, veterinary medicine, and livestock of prestigious universities, University of the Basque Country (Spain), La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), University of Naples Federico II (Italy), University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France), etc.

BIOSMART employs cutting-edge technologies that provide everyday monitoring of welfare for dairy cows, which facilitates get the profit for the farmer and well-being of each dairy cow.

BIOSMART milk solutions provides Full-Service Assistance and adaption of the product until the farmer gets convincing results such as milk boost and decrease of expenses.





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Implementation of European Approach, unique R&D inventions, and high tech technologies, according to Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, where the farmer is on the first place.


We offer an outstanding solution for farmers and dairy cows in times of crisis, that has no competitors, which increases the profit of the farmer, meanwhile increasing the well-being of the cow. We believe that our profit depends on the farmer’s successful results.


We base on the unique technologies of the Federal Scientific Research Institute of Antibiotics and Enzymes. Having more than 20 world-class patents, everyday research activities provide robust results for farmers.


  • Supply with an innovative product
  • Implementation of cutting edge technologies for everyday results monitoring in order to provide farmer’s profit and welfare of dairy cow
  • Full-Service assistance of product adaption on each step until the comprehensive results obtained


We help farmers to overcome their issues, providing excellent service, building trustful relationships.


Our global support service offers maintenance and support of our technology and is available 24/7/365.

Always There For You

We are always ready to respond to your request as soon as possible. We also provide daily monitoring and evaluation of health parameters, milk production, and TMR.

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We use best practices and protocols for the delivering of excellent results for our clients.

Taking Care of Farmers

Our team is staffed with high-qualified professionals that hold Ph.D and provide Full Service Assistance until the farmer gets the credible results.

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We make digestion analysis and an individual offer for you to demonstrate your potential benefits and profit before you buy.

Foster your business

We provide a free of charge digestion
analysis, individual detailed plan
and preliminary forecast of Milk
boost and savings on TMR.

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What distingushes us from competitors ?

BIOSMART milk solutions has no competitors, due to the implementation of Cutting-edge Developments that has no analog in the world.