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Dosage: 300 grams of the dry or liquid version of the product, per head per day, mixing with ration. Once the milk production started to boost and the yields became sustainable, including persistency of lactation, Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex allows to:

  • exclude glucoplasts from feed-such as molasses (molasses), propylene glycol, glycerol, propionate, other products, containing these substances,
  • feed additives- feed intake intensifiers;
  • extra energy sources such as protected fat;
  • sources of amino acids such as protected protein;
  • hepatoprotectors, such as choline chloride, and many other feed additives whose effects are substituted by our product.

During the first 3 months and further upon requirements, we provide digestion analysis (manure washing); TMR analysis, consultation, and recommendations; biochemical blood tests for monitoring, spectroscopic analysis of TMR (optional) FREE OF CHARGE.

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