What is it?

It’s a Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex, with a prebiotic effect, which provides dairy cows with healthy energy, improves the microbial population of the rumen, gives power and capacity to overpass numerous health issues, stresses and as a result of health and digestion improvement, it increases the milk production.

It is also applicable to all ruminants.

It is a 100% innovative product with a powerful prebiotic effect that hits the rumen of the cow, meanwhile stimulates the growth of useful biota (microflora) in a targeted way, including the increase of lactic acid utilization into propionate, thus intensifying propionic SCFA production, balancing acetate/propionate/butyrate ratios, while keeping concentrate part of the feeding ratio low and blood glucose high enough to reach and sustain higher yields.

The use of technology provides the establishment of effective energy metabolism of the animal.

The Impact has 3 main directions:

  • maximizing the activity of rumen microflora
  • protection and activation of liver cells (increased gluconeogenesis)
  • activation of intestinal microflora and increased intracellular metabolic processes

Under influence of the technology, the animal’s body generates the right amount of energy capacity (power source) that provides: 

  • high milk productivity
  • high reproduction rates
  • strong immunity
  • resistance to various stresses, such as changes in the diet, seasonal decrease in the diet quality, heat stress.

Special activated microflora of the rumen and intestines with maximum efficiency vanishes roughage and metabolic products of the concentrated part of the feed ration, which provides protection against acidosis and ketosis, as well as retention of productivity in case of forced temporary using of lower quality feed (low metabolic energy).

It has a powerful stimulating effect on the rumen of a cow, eliminates acidosis due to the activation of specific groups of microorganisms, increases the production of propionate, and also fights insulin resistance, changes dietary eatability (increases forage/roughage, and decreases concentrate part).

Animal health and productive longevity are logical consequences of dealing with metabolic disorders, regulating energy balance by supporting healthy functioning of the digestive system (rumen, intestine, liver), getting animals rid of insulin resistance. These health benefits also impact positively net cash flow and improve return on capital for farmers.

Health benefits are:

  • significantly lower culling rates
  • no subacute acidosis, improved fertility rates
  • lower embryonic death rates
  • improved statistics of mastitis and other typical diseases for cows at high concentrate diets

To sum up, by solving metabolic disorder issues we deal with health issues and the productive longevity of animals.

Because of the healthy immune system, our technology:

  • lowers cases of mastitis and other nutritionally induced disorders
  • imroves the quality of milk
  • keeps milk fat and protein at high levels even at times of heat stress and forced changes in feeding
    reduces somatic cell count
  • decreases the content of trans-isomers of fatty acids in milk, which means a real healthy milk with no risk of atherosclerosis for humans


Supplementary feeding (NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT) liquid polysaccharides, regulatory complex with prebiotic effect for dairy cows.



Composition: (liquid polysaccharides) inulin, soybean lecithin, water.


Composition: (dry polysaccharides) inulin, glucose, fructose, dolomite.


It’s a complex nutrition supplement, a source of neutral detergent fibers (NDF) (fructooligosaccharides).


It’s used as a complex of feed supplements for cow/cattle.

Cows Fresh (0-30) 300-500 g/head/day

Cows Fresh (30-120) 300 g/head/day

Cows Lactating (120 till dry) 150-200 g/head/day

Cows Dry (0-40) 100-150 g/head/day

Cows Dry (40-60) 150-300 g/head/day

Bulls 100 g/head/day

The actual dosage is determined at the farm together with the farm’s feeding manager along with Full-Service Assistance and Monitoring.

The product must be thoroughly mixed as part of the TMR. The dosage of the product should be selected taking into account the assessment of health indicators, digestibility of the ration, blood glucose level. (Glucose must be in the optimal interval in the case of properly selected dosage). Depending on the productivity, the dosages of the product may be increased.

Possible side effects. Side effects and complications of the regulatory complex (liquid/dry polysaccharides) were not identified.

Contraindications. There are no contraindications to the usage of regulatory complex (liquid/dry polysaccharides) in feeding cattle, it is harmless, non-toxic, not genetically modified

The shelf life of regulatory complex (liquid/dry polysaccharides) – 12 months from the date of manufacturing. The manufacturing date is the last day of the manufacturing process.

The dairy/meat products from animals fed with regulatory complex (liquid/dry polysaccharides) can be used without any restrictions.

For who is this product?

You need this product if you:

  • Want to boost the milk production on your farm, without risk for an animal
  • Want to increase the profitability of dairy farm
  • Faces with health issues of the cows (mastitis, laminitis, milk fever, infertility, abortions, etc.)
  • Focus on the boost of milk and health of your herd
  • Want to improve the productive longevity of your dairy cows
  • Want to reduce the expenses
  • Open-minded and want to use the new innovative, sustainable technologies in dairy farming feeding

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