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It’s a 100% innovative, natural Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex with a prebiotic effect, which boosts milk production, improves the health of the buffalos, and supplies the animal with healthy energy, providing power and capacity to overcome many stresses and health issues.


Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex regulates rumen microbiota population (and activity) in a targeted way, including

  • the boost of lactic acid utilization into propionate;
  • enhancing propionic SCFA production, keeping in balance acetate/propionate/butyrate ratios keeping concentrate part of the feeding ratio low
  • keeping blood glucose high enough to reach and sustain higher yields


Dosage: 300 grams per head per day, mixing with ration. Once the milk production started to boost and the yields became sustainable, Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex allows to exclude glucoplasts from feed-such as molasses (molasses), propylene glycol, glycerol, propionate, other products, containing these substances, feed additives- feed intake intensifiers; extra energy sources such as protected fat; sources of amino acids such as protected protein; hepatoprotectors, such as choline chloride, and many other feed additives whose effects are substituted by our product.


Based on the experience of use from Buffalos farms in Campania, South of Italy. The farms achieved the following results:

The financial results:

  • Payback period (the period when the farmer takes back his money for the purchased product) – 1 month
  • Profit per head per day – 1,76 euro / 16.100 for the farm per month.

Results of Buffalo farms:

  • Boost of Milk yield from 12% in 1,5 months
  • TMR (Total Mixed Ration) cost decreased from 4.2 to 3.94 Euro (-0.26 euro)
  • Somatic Cell Count reduced from 95.000 up to 66.000

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