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Original Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex with patented technology scientifically and practically proved by numerous cases of Buffalo farms. It is based on polysaccharides, fructooligosaccharides (inulin (chicory root extract)).

Our 100% sustainable and innovative supplementary compound feed of botanical origin regulates rumen microbiota population (and activity) in a targeted way, supports buffalo with healthy energy, and provides the resources to overcome many stresses and challenges, meanwhile

  • increasing productivity
  • improving health of the buffalo
  • decreasing cost of production

Our innovative patented product is developed by R&D, was inspired by the necessity of leapfrog technologies of future in dairy livestock, helping the farmers to increase the milk yield, improve the health of buffalo, and decrease the cost of production in a sustainable way. It took more than 15 years for our scientists and researchers to develop Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex. The product was in-vitro and in-vivo tested, including numerous buffalo farms. The product passed all necessary certifications and tests.

The use of technology provides the establishment of effective energy metabolism of the buffalo.

The Impact on buffalo:

  • maximizes the activity of cicatricial microflora (selectively cellulolytics and Lacto-enzymes);
  • protects and activates the liver cells (increased gluconeogenesis);
  • activates the intestinal microflora and increases intracellular metabolic processes.

For who is this product?

You need this product if you:

  • Want to boost the milk production on your farm, without risk for an animal
  • Want to increase the profitability of dairy farm
  • Faces with health issues of the buffalos (mastitis, laminitis, milk fever, infertility, abortions, etc.)
  • Focus on the boost of milk and health of your herd
  • Want to improve the fertility and productive longevity of your buffalos
  • Want to reduce the vet and feeding expenses
  • Open-minded and want to use the new innovative, sustainable technologies in dairy farm feeding

We deliver the product upon your request

Price and delivery: for price and delivery, please contact us by pressing any button on social media (Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, telegram, Instagram), give us a call, email, or via online consultant.

What do you get?

  • The animal’s body generates the right amount of energy capacity (power source) that provides:

  • high milk productivity
  • improvement of persistency of lactation
  • high reproduction rates
  • strong immunity
  • as well as resistance to various stresses, such as changes in the diet, seasonal decrease in the diet quality, heat stress.
  • Special activated microflora of the rumen and intestines with maximum efficiency vanishes roughage and metabolic products of the concentrated part of the feed ration, which protects against acidosis and ketosis and retention of productivity in case of forced temporary using of lower quality feed (low metabolic energy).
  • It has a powerful stimulating effect on the rumen of a buffalo, eliminates acidosis due to the activation of specific groups of microorganisms, increases propionate production, and fights insulin resistance, changes dietary eatability (increases forage/roughage, and decreases concentrate part).
  • The delicious odor attracts and stimulates the animal’s appetite.

You don’t need to use anymore:

  • Glucoplasts from feed-such as molasses (molasses), propylene glycol, glycerol, propionate, other products, containing these substances.
  • Feed additives- feed intake intensifiers; extra energy sources such as protected fat; sources of amino acids such as protected protein; hepatoprotectors, such as choline chloride, and many other feed additives whose effects are substituted by our product.

It allows to remove expensive neutralizers of toxins and hepatoprotectors, as well as reduce the concentrate part of the ration.

  • Possible side effects. Side effects and complications of the regulatory complex (liquid/ dry polysaccharides) were not identified.

  • Contraindications. There are no contraindications to the usage of regulatory complex (liquid polysaccharides) in feeding, it is harmless, non-toxic.

  • The shelf life of regulatory complex (liquid polysaccharides) – 12 months from the date of manufacturing. The manufacturing date is the last day of the manufacturing process.

  • The dairy/meat products from animals fed with Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex can be used without any restrictions.

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