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Our product is unique 100% innovative and has NO analogue or substitute products on the market. The product aims at the improvement of animal health and boost of milk as a consequence of it. It allows to eliminating FAT, SOYBEAN MEAL, MOLASSES, and other unnecessary ingredients. The product helps to overcome the main health issues of dairy animals.

The “nucleus” of our technology, is a compound feed material of botanical origin that regulates rumen microbiota population (and activity) in a targeted way including:

  • the boost of lactic acid utilization into propionate;
  • enhancing propionic SCFA production, keeping in balance acetate/propionate/butyrate ratios keeping concentrate part of the feeding ratio low;
  • keeping blood glucose high enough to reach and sustain higher yields.

After the digestion analysis that we conduct free of charge and analysis of the issues and current situation at the farm. The product is used as a complex of feed supplements for cow/cattle in average dosage of 300 g/head/day.


Effects of Top Product Polysaccharide Regulatory Complex at the farms* :

  • Significant boost of milk yield – among 2540 farms the mean boost of milk-13% in 3 months and 17% in 1 year.
  • Health improvement (fertility improvement, less use of antibiotics)
  • Among 100 farms the farmers take back the money for product purchase in 1,5 months.
  • ROI (Return on Investments)-1200%- for 1 euro the farmer paid, he got back 12 euro

*Based on 2540 Dairy Farms

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