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  • We develop programs for our clients to deliver success in short and long-term performance. Our success is measured by your success.
  • We use a scientific approach, combined with innovation and best practices around the globe to increase your productivity and profit.
  • We ensure highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective dairy consultancy services to the entire food supply chain, from farmer to retailer and are widely recognized as the leading dairy consultancy.

Our success is your success

We provide such knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else since we collaborate directly with:

  • Scientific R&Ds
  • “Best-practice” farms
  • Universities

to provide the last cutting-edge solutions using up-to-date tools.

Our mission is to assist farmers in setting up or maintaining a highly productive dairy farm.


We are a team of talented professionals inspired by new progressive technologies in farming and livestock. We focus on providing maximum profitability and production efficiency to your dairy farm. We implement last feeding and reproductive technologies.

Our team is staffed by high-qualified experienced specialists, doctors, and Ph.D. in the field of biotechnology, veterinary medicine, and livestock, including feed managers, vets, consultants in reproduction, top farm managers, economists, specialists in innovative feeding technologies.

Our professionals have practical experience of over 25 years in livestock, numerous scientific publications in high-quality scientific journals, and awards.

  • TEAM

We combine scientific and practical approaches to solve your issues and deliver quick and sustainable results.

We offer

What does a Nutrition Dairy Consultant do?

Our Dairy Consultants uses last innovative tools and methods to achieve the best result

  • Ration optimization. Evaluation of ration (TMR), improving it to maximize feed conversion, productivity, and profitability without risk for animal’s health
  • Uses scientific methods to research milk production and animal welfare
  • Spectroscopical analysis
  • Digestion analysis (manure washing)
  • TMR-particle separator to check the feed intake
  • Colostrum analysis
  • Estimating all the processes and parameters
  • Suggests ways to make them better.


Reproductive efficiency has the main influence on dairy farm profitability. Scientifically proved that the influence of reproductive traits on a farm’s profit is three to nine times more significant than other production traits. Any interruption in the preceding cycle constitutes a reproductive loss.

Dairy consulting and delivering the correct management strategies to boost reproductive efficiency dependent on an understanding of the physiological, cellular, and molecular mechanisms controlling male and female reproduction using the last technologies, scientific and practical approaches.

What does Reproductive Dairy Consultant do?
  • Solving the reproductive issues of a dairy cow
  • Artificial insemination
  • Embryo transfer
  • Breeding strategies
  • Reproductive analysis
  • Ultrasound of female genital tract

The combination of diverse areas allows our consultants to provide a complete solution.

For who is the Dairy Consulting Service?

Dairy Consulting Service is for you if you

  • Struggle with health issues your herd

  • Want to increase the profitability of your farm

  • Searching for optimization of your ration without risk for the health of your dairy cows
  • Want to decrease your expenses
  • Want to boost the milk yield on your farm
  • Want to improve reproduction rates on your farm
  • If you care about milk quality and your animal
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