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Regulatory complex “Bypass” for broilers is 100% unique top product that is used for the prevention of metabolic disorders in monogastric farm animals and poultry (shunt, bypass). “Bypass” improves feed conversion rates, survival rate until the age of slaughter and promotes stable and better weight gain for broilers due to its complex positive effect on poultry metabolism.

It contains energy sources, organic acids, phosphatidylcholines, stimulants of protein synthesis, and nucleic acid synthesis. It includes activators of the propionate pathway of glucose synthesis and activators of gluconeogenesis.

For who is this product?

You need this product if you:

  • Want to increase your profit
  • Want to improve feed conversion
  • Want to accelerate the weight gain
  • Want to get A-grade meat quality, without additional costs
  • Willing to use new sustainable technologies without expensive synthetic amino acids in livestock feeding.

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  • improves the feed conversion ratio and weight gain, exceeding the standards for the cross

  • increases the survival rate and enhance immunity during vaccination

  • stabilizes productivity indicators under any types of stress, such as feed, heat, etc.

  • reduces the cost of the diet and provides greater profitability of meat production

  • increases productivity and quality of chicken meat

  • increases the feed efficiency and feed conversion

  • eliminates the need to use expensive synthetic amino acids

  • decreases the cost of production

  • obtains the maximum rate of protein synthesis

What do my poultry/broilers get with “Bypass”?

  • boosts the bioavailability of the protein components of the feeding ration (soybeans, meal, cake)
  • positive impact on metabolism
  • decreases lipid load on the liver
  • hepatoprotective effect
  • positive impact on intestinal activity, nutrient absorption, and intestinal immunity
  • blocks impaired absorption of blood glucose, insulin resistance

When using “Bypass”, due to the physiology of the feed material, it becomes possible without disturbing the productivity of the poultry to:

  • completely or partially remove synthetic amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine) from the diet;
  • completely remove from the diet neutralizers of toxins, hepatoprotectors, pro-and prebiotics, energy, and immune boosters, enzymes (proteases, amylases, phytases).

Disrupting the previous technologies.

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