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Effects of Regulatory Polysaccharide Complex on Buffalo:

  • Boost of yield milk up to +25%
  • Milk quality improvement (stabilization of fat and protein along with milk increase)
  • Reduced somatics and spore content sulfate-reducing anaerobes (clostridia) ->The milk is appropriate for the Mozzarella, etc.
  • Decrease of veterinary expenses up to 18%
  • Decrease of cost feeding up to 15%
  • Disease reduction
    • improved fertility rates (insemination)
    • lower embryonic death rates
    • reduction of somatic cell count
    • decrease of lameness and milk fever
    • lower culling rates
  • Decrease of veterinary expenses
  • Improvement of persistency of lactation

Buffalo Farm, Fondi, Italy

Financial Results:

    • Payback period (the period when you take back your money for the purchased product) – 1 month
    • Profit per head per day – 1,76 euro / 16.104 euro for the farm per month (300 buffalos)
    • Boost of Milk yield from 12% in 1,5 months
    • TMR (Total Mixed Ration) cost decreased from 4.2 to 3.94 Euro (-0.26 euro)
    • Somatic Cell Count reduced from 95.000 up to 66.000

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