Summary of the Conference

  • Despite the rainy weather more than 60 participants learned more about the latest feeding technologies that are used by farmers, their results of milk boost, improvement of animal health, and profitability.
  • The main actors with Biosmart milk solutions, dairy farmers, University of the Basque Country – UPV/EHU, R&D ELEST
  • Participants met the inventors of new feeding technologies
  • Participants got a free Dairy Consultation that includes Ration (TMR) analysis, Digestion analysis (manure washing) as a bonus.
  • Real cases of milk boost and farm’s profitability in Greece and Italy

Key Insights

  • Breakthrough technology improves feed digestion
  • Digestion and biochemical machinery are the main actors in milk production
  • The modern type of feeding is risky and overloads the cow
  • Popular magic pills promote harm to the health of the cow and make things to become worse
  • For a healthy cow – look for a microbiologist! (how rumen activation can initiate a series of improvements)
  • Description of the new technology (including polysaccharide regulatory complex mode of action)
  • Feedbacks from farms
  • How to make a profit for dairy farmers in times of crisis?
  • High milk production and associated challenges
  • What new feeding technologies can generate a milk boost along with dairy cows’ health?
  • Only new technologies in feeding can provide profit and sustainability for dairy farming

Keynote Speakers:

  1. Nikita Malkov Ph.D.
    Biotechnologist, University of Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France), Head officer of the research center ELEST, and holder of a patent
  2. Mark Malkov Ph.D.
    Biotechnologist, Professor at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and holder of 95 patents
  3. Lidia Melnikova Ph.D.
    University of the Basque Country – UPV / EHU Economist, ambassador of the Basque Country, specializes in frugal innovations, business management efficiency, and sustainability
  4. George Valergakis Ph.D. Professor at the Laboratory of Animal Husbandry in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with previous service in the field of veterinary medicines and supplies as well as previous service at the Ministry of Agriculture